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Mavericks Thunder away Dingfan

2014-06-11 parašė hachinta19729

Section E02: Shenzhen, the first world tour red tourist areas (spots) Charisma (a) Section E03: Shenzhen, the first world tour red tourist areas (spots) Charisma (two) Section E04: Shenzhen, the first world tour red tourist areas (spots) Charisma (three) Section E05: tour the world advertising Section E06: Shenzhen, the first world tour red tourist areas (spots) Charisma (four) Section E07: Shenzhen, the first world tour red areas (spots) Schematic Red Tour lines recommended Section E08: Dragon Boat Festival tour the world: one meter leaf dumplings Off the situation first E09: Summer Tour Tibet tour the world is not the same feeling Chun Ming Wong Mau new youth sub-village tourist resort opened Shenzhen Airlines Hotel won two gold cup Award Section E10: Lingnan treasured landscapes Zhaoqing world tour Round after round product upgrade Taiwan tour Section E11: Palace International tour the world to create quality theater May wonderful colorful ceremony Tourism Authority of Thailand to deep Recommend Ultimate Edition quality tour Ctrip Lean Service into focus Section E12: Win in the workplace increased proportion of female executives Ten tips to win in the workplace Faced with the choice, the intern will take the initiative to Teach you five kinds of moves to transform the workplace of people To Enhancing basic skills Build Chinese-style high-end networking circle Xinhua News Agency Xinhua WASHINGTON month by the first section of fantastic start and Dirk Nowitzki scored the final white-hot key when the Dallas Mavericks day away to Dingfan Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference The third round of the championship battle in the post-war contest leading the Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki headed feel bad that night, the first shots of the cast partial ball in the fourth quarter of the team can quickly catch up with the opponent, he can still play the role of the team Dinghaishenzhen. Rely on him last section scored points, the Mavericks did not let the Thunder trailed points achieved comeback upset after the game the Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle on the audience only got the lowest score since the third round of personal praise Nowitzki still a plus, When he missed some shots, it will not give up shots, shots will not lose courage, strong-willed Instead he will continue to new balance 996 attack the basket. Nowitzki said the offensive team in the second half, he blocked respect to stand out. The team needs me score and be aggressive.

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lapse Video With Your Digital Video Camera

2014-06-10 parašė hachinta19729

Getting the most out of your digital video camera can mean being able to create some really cool stuff. You just have to step outside the manual a bit and find the cool things you can do with your digital video camera and your editing software. We have all seen them in a movie or a TV show, those very cool shots where they speed up time and capture a long segment of time and condense it into a very short amount of video. My very favorite example of this technique was an arty movie of many years ago that was called Koyaanisqatsi. (view trailer) In that movie they had some very interesting segments where they did time lapse effects to show driving on a bridge, flowers growing, clouds flying by and so on. Another example is many of the TV news stations nowadays have a camera that captures the day’s weather and then they process it down to a 20 second clip to show the clouds and weather racing by on screen. Well this technique is not just a tool in the hands of the movie makers or the big TV stations. You can do this with your digital video camera gear too. I will go into two ways that you can accomplish this effect and get some cool results for your next video project. This one is worth playing around with in order to find the right settings to get the most dramatic effect. Technique number one is to use the camera itself to do the time lapse recording for you. Almost all digital video cameras have the ability to do an interval recording. What this means in a nutshell is that you tell the camera how long you want to record for and how long in between recordings and it will go on autopilot for you for as long as the battery lasts or the tape runs out. This is what those cameras at the convenience store do, they record a few seconds of motion every 30 60 seconds giving the overall view of the traffic in the store over time. Now if you want to capture some time lapse in your digital video camera you will need to get into your cameras menu and find Interval Recording (or in my case Int Rec, as I use a Sony PD 150 for my camera) When you select this option you will decide how long of an interval between shots you want and how long to record each time. If you are trying to capture something that takes a long time to occur and in which not new balance u410 baratas much happens quickly you will want to set the interval at around a minute and the record time as short as possible on your camera. An example would be if you wanted to record a day in the life of a flower or the clouds rolling by in the sky. Suppose however that you want to capture an event that has lots of action and occurs over a much shorter time frame. Then you would want to shorten the interval between recordings and increase the time of each recording. So in this case you might record every 15 30 seconds and record up to 2 3 seconds of video each time. Do you like photography? Are you looking for a cool high quality camera? Then I would definitely recommend the latest ZUP 120 compact digital camera, high definition sports waterproof camera and DC 500F mini digital camera to you. They are the most special and fantastic cameras I have seen and there must be one which suits you.

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Labas pasauli!

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